D.I.Y. Family Mixed Kit

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Want to surprise your family or a loved one with freshly homemade pancakes but don't have time to get all the ingredients?

We've got you covered!

Our DIY kit comes with our pancakes mix in a piping bag ready to go straight on to the pan and you'll have pancakes in minutes.

Along with the mix, we've assembled everything you need to make a complete pancake breakfast.

This kit contains is a combination of Kit A and B:
  • Pancakes mix - serves 8-10 pancakes
  • Mixed fresh berries and banana
  • Syrup and sauces: Maple syrup and dark chocolate sauce
  • Whipped Cream
  • Eggs
  • Bacon rashers
  • Virginia ham slices
  • Shredded Cheese
  • Bechamel sauce
  • Fresh rocket salad
  • Butter
  • Candied almonds and walnuts with dried cranberries nibbles
Use by: 3 days.
For the best result, use it within 1 day.

Keep refrigerated

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For instructions on how to use the kit click HERE