• Making fresh pancakes @ home Simple

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Stokers' Fresh Pancake Mix

Pancakes are better shared

At Stokers, we believe pancake are best when you are sharing it with your family and friends. It's about the experience that brings people together and there's something for everyone. So we've put  together this kit so you can recreate this experience at home.

It was a great experience and was much more exciting than going to coles and getting all the ingredients from there. Plus, there isnt a huge mess to clean up.

Dennika, Melbourne

So easy!!! Just cut the top off and you’re good to go!

Ashleigh, Melbourne

Today I received a box full of goodies. It was absolutely beautiful. I received my box as a gift and we had it for dessert. It tasted amazing!! 3 of us ate it and there is still leftovers for tomorrow. I definitely recommend Stokers gift boxes. It made my day. Tasted beautiful. Was easy to put together and was delivered with a smile. Thank you Stokers!

Cathy, Melbourne